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Ethernet Demarcation Devices

  • Description

    BLUEBELL-ED series of Ethernet demarcation device on the basis of high-performance L2 switch service, provide convenience of maintenance and deployment, multi-service support, carrier-class OAM management, reliable protection mechanism, QoS policy, security mechanism, and other service optimization measures. Meanwhile, it features excellent extensibility and reliability.

    Product family supports the latest carrier Ethernet attributes and is compatible with IEEE, ITU, and MEF standards. The carrier-class OAM has enhanced network management capacity of carrier-class Ethernet and satisfies the operator’s requirements for comprehensive and powerful capacity of monitoring and management

  • Features
    • UNI & NNI supports 10/100M/1000M auto-negotiation, 10/100M/1000M full-duplex/half-duplex manual modes, AUTO-MDIX (Media Dependent Interface Crossover).
    • Circuit emulation of E1 and V.35 services on Ethernet link; SAToP protocol; MPLS, IP/UDP, and MEF encapsulation.
    • E1 and V.35 interface clock modes support local oscillator clock, adaptive clocking, and port loopback clock.
    • IEEE802.1Q VLAN and IEEE802.1ad VLAN (at most 4094 VLAN entries).
    • E1 interface complies with ITU-T G.703. It has built-in BER tester, and loopback test functions.
    • V.35 interface complies with ITU-T V.35/V.36 recommendation, supports framed and unframed modes, and provides various interface rates (N×64K, 1≤N≤31), interface modes (DTE and DCE), and clock selections (DCE internal oscillator clock, DCE line clock and DTE V.35 interface clock).
    • Cache absorption function (resisting packet delay variation).
    • EFM, CFM, SLA and other carrier-class OAM management.
    • STP/RSTP/MSTP Protocol.
    • Link Aggregation (manual LAG and static LACP).
    • ELPS(Ethernet Linear Protection Switching) & ERPS(Ethernet Ring Protection Switching).
    • QoS function based on port speed limit, port mirror, priority trust, flow classification, flow policy, priority mapping, and queue scheduling.
    • Jumbo frame setting (maximum 9720 bytes)
    • Flow control.
    • IEEE 802.1X authentication.
    • ACL(Access Control List).
    • Management : Web, SNMP, CLI & RMON.
    • NTP (Normal Temperature and Pressure) and RMON(Remote Network Monitoring).
    • Upgrade of software through TFTP(Trivial File Transfer Protocol).