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Ethernet Demarcation Devices

  • Description

    Intelligent packet aggregation device uses routing architecture, solves the network smooth evolution, equipment interconnection and interoperability, and realizes the end-to-end clock scheme. It supports L2/L3 IP protocol, and builds reliable carrier-level packet bearing network.

    BLUEBELL-IR-C composed of aggregation cards and tributary cards, using 2U chassis. Aggregation cards include dual-power card, network management aggregation card, and fan card; tributary cards include 16E1 interface card, XGE interface card, and 8GE interface card.

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  • Features
    • System management, interface management, network management;
    • Ethernet functions, including VLAN, QinQ, MAC address forwarding, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), loopback detection and other functions;
    • L3 routing protocol, including routing management, RIP, ISIS, OSPF and BGP;
    • L2 IP service, including ARP, DHCP and IP Ping;
    • MPLS-TP technology and static LSP, MPLS L2VPN;
    • QoS management, including port speed limit, priority trust, flow classification, flow behavior, flow policy;
    • Access Control List (ACL);
    • AAA management mechanism, providing three security functions:Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.
    • Ethernet OAM protocols, including IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731; standard OAM active mode and passive mode, OAM link discovery, OAM remote loopback and OAM link event;
    • Jumbo frame setting (maximum 9720 bytes);
    • Clock function,SyncE and NTP;
    • Multiple service types, including E-Line service, E-LAN service, E-Tree service and CES service.
    • EzView NMS, SNMPand CLI;
    • Upgrade software through TFTP;
    • Watchdog function, enabled or disabled through software configuration;
    • Pluggable fan, speed control function, high temperature alarm.