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MPLS-TP Device

  • Description

    BLUEBELL-P-C-04 Series are PTN Devices, providing strong capacity, high port-density, and kinds of ports with very compact chassis. 1U1 high Chassis and 4 service slots, providing 10GE/GE/FE/E1ports are supported. BLUEBELL-P-C-06 supports 2U high and 6 service slots; 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/E1 ports are supported.

  • Features
    • 1/2 UI high Chassis and 4/6 service slots, providing 10GE/GE/FE/E1services
    • Supports following features
    • EP-Line, EVP-Line, EP-LAN,EVP-LAN, EP-Tree, EVP-Tree, EP-Access, EVP-Access;
    • DHCP, Zero-touch configuration;
    • SAToP; PWE3;
    • NTP; RMON;
    • Ethernet loopback detection,Ethernet port loopback according to MAC, IP, VLAN Tags, etc.;
    • Management Features : CLI, Web, SNMP & RMON
    • MAC-Learning-Table control: Static/Dynamic MAC Address learning and Learning based on SVL, MAC Address Adding, Deleting, Searching, and Showing;
    • STP/RSTP;
    • Port-based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, QinQ(802.1ad);
    • Storm suppression, Flow control;
    • Jumbo frame of 9720 bytes.
    • OAM - EFM(802.3ah), CFM(802.1ag, Y.1731) & MPLS-TP OAM(G.8113.1).
    • MPLS-TP; L2VPN;
    • MPLS-TP APS (G.8131); ELPS (G.8031); ERPS (G.8032)
    • LACP for port protection (Manual & Static);
    • QoS – ACL, Traffic Classification, Queue Based & Speed Limiting.