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MPLS-TP Device

  • Description

    PTN Devices, providing strong capacity, high port-density, and kinds of ports with very compact chassis. With standalone design, GE/FE/E1 ports are supported. The H20PN Series focus on edge of providers’ IP/MPLS transport network. They are very suitable for delivering L2VPN based on MPLS-TP, and CES services for customers with end-to-end guaranteed availability, reliability and QoS to the key client. They are designed to help providers overcome challenges over resources, costs and services at the metro access layer, to bring values to both providers and their customers.

  • Features
    • MAC-Learning-Table control: Static/Dynamic MAC Address learning and Learning based on SVL, MAC Address Adding, Deleting, Searching, and Showing;
    • STP/RSTP;
    • Port-based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN;
    • QinQ(802.1ad);
    • Storm suppression;
    • Flow control;
    • Jumbo frame of 9720 bytes
    • OAM - EFM(802.3ah), CFM(802.1ag, Y.1731) and MPLS-TP OAM(G.8113.1).
    • MPLS-TP, L2VPN;
    • MPLS-TP APS (G.8131), ELPS (G.8031) & ERPS (G.8032).
    • QoS –
    • Management Features – CLI, SNMP, RMON & GUI.
    • Synchronization - Sync-E, IEEE1588v2 (PTP) & 2MHz/2Mb clock input;