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TDM Over Packet

  • Description

    CYPRUS series adopt the innovative TDM over IP technology, with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of E1/2E1/4E1/8E1/16E1 over FE port. The uplink ports and user data ports are IEEE 802.3 compliant, 10/100 auto-sensed Ethernet ports.

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  • Features
    • Support IETF RFC4553 SAToP protocol, Ethernet encapsulation support IP/UDP.
    • Provide 4 FE electrical ports and 1 FE optical port, 2 uplink ports, 2 user data ports or monitoring ports, optical port can be used for uplink or user data & E1/2E1/4E1 ports.
    • User-friendly Web server supported for easy setup and maintenance
    • Support SNMP V1/V2 network management
    • E1 clock supports 3 mode: local clock, adaptive and loopback
    • E1 service support lossy and lossless protection
    • Ethernet built-in layer 2 switch, support VLAN(port based, 802.1Q based and QinQ based), QoS(port based 8021.1P based MAC based and TOS based).
    • Ethernet support IEEE 802.3x, RSTP (802.1w), LLDP, Ethernet ring protection, OAM and MAC address automatic learning
    • Ethernet packet size up to 9720byte(Jumbo frame)
    • Point to point and point to multipoint supported
    • Local Ethernet port throughput limiting
    • Software and hardware online upgrade
    • Variants supports PoE in Uplink ports with 24/55VDC as sourcing voltage.