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PDH Optical Multiplexers

  • Description

    ECAT-01L is a 4-channel E1 and Fast Ethernet-over-Fiber optical transport multiplexer device, with optical redundancy suited for point-to-point optical circuits.

  • Features
    • PDH optical multiplexer to extend TDM and Ethernet services over fiber infrastructure
    • 4 x E1 interface, 1 x Fast Ethernet port and 2 x PDH optical ports
    • Conforms to ITU-T G.703, H.823, G.824, GR-499 Core Jitter requirements
    • 1+1 Protection for PDH optical ports
    • Plug & Play device
    • Front panel DIP Switches for loopback tests
    • Supports MM, SM & SF options
    • Support for long haul transmissions up to 100Kms
    • Wide Range AC/DC power supply option