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Managed Ethernet Switches

  • Description

    Ethernet Edge Access Multiplexer that aggregates traffic from the Ethernet Access Ports to the Fibe Uplink Port. eSONA 8 ADV delivers high performance and provides user security, Broadcast storm control and ring protection mechanism for resilient and secure operation in any Service Providers network.

  • Features
    • Managed 10 port Fast Ethernet L2 switch with 2 optical interface
    • 2 x 100 Base-Fx (SC) and 8 x Fast Ethernet ports
    • Optional configuration with 10 x Fast Ethernet ports
    • 4K VLAN and 8K MAC address support
    • Per port Ingress & Egress rate-limiting
    • Broadcast, Multicast & DLF suppression support
    • IGMP V3 Snooping support, IGMP Proxy & MVR support
    • STP, RSTP, MSTP & MRORPP and IEEE 802.3ah OAM support
    • Port/VLAN naming and QoS support
    • Alarm log file support
    • Link aggregation & double tagging support
    • Maximum distance up to 100Kms on
    • single mode - single & dual fibers
    • In-band and Out of band management support
    • Management through Console, Telnet, Web browser,
    • SNMP support & LITEVIEW NMS
    • AC & DC Ordering options