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  • Description

    EXORA-2K2 is an Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender, which can effectively extend the wireless signals and also amplify the remote weak Wi-Fi signal (Wi-Fi signal relay).

    EXORA-2K2 Wi-Fi extender can be used in complicated Outdoor environment. It can eliminate the blinding area, extend the coverage and improve the wireless access.

  • Features
    • Support for long-distance wireless terminal Designed to provide best performance in the environment with long-distance and high noise; Advanced RF technology can provide more stable and higher data rate
    • Carrier-class feature support Provide many carrier-class features which supports centralized management, such as remote upgrade, remote configuration, remote monitoring, etc.
    • Flexible networking Support Client, AP working modes;Internal PPPoE client can support virtual CPE function (support for multi-user authentication), which can satisfy requirement of wireless operators.
    • Centralized Management Repeaters are really plug-n-play. Instead of installing the external drivers or applications, the configuration can be easily done by web GUI.