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EXORA - 04E1


  • Description

    MRO TEK’s MULTI SERVICE ACCESS bridge the gap between copper and fiber nfrastructures. These robust and feature rich products are designed to be used in low to mid-density applications where a limited number of Ethernet to fiber converters need to be quickly mplemented. MROTEK has an extensive range of Media Converters to meet every fiber conversion need.

  • Features
    • Cost-effective wireless E1 transport system
    • Up to 4 x E1 interface
    • Frequency band : 5.8 GHz
    • Built-in patch panel antenna with 23dBi and 29dBi gain
    • High system gain with lesser noise
    • Management of Local IDU and ODU & Remote ODU
    • Timing : Maintains synchronization between devices by deploying advanced clock distribution mechanisms
      • Internal : Internal Oscillator provides the master clock for the devices
      • Loopback: The transmit Clock is derived from the respective port's receive clock.
      • Adaptive : Clock is recovered from the Ethernet Network Interface