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Managed Ethernet Switches

  • Description

    MRO TEK’s MULTI SERVICE ACCESS bridge the gap between copper and fiber nfrastructures. These robust and feature rich products are designed to be used in low to mid-density applications where a limited number of Ethernet to fiber converters need to be quickly mplemented. MROTEK has an extensive range of Media Converters to meet every fiber conversion need.

  • Features
    • Long Range Ethernet product supports distances up to 500 meters on CAT-5/5E cable infrastructure
    • 1 x Fast Ethernet port and 1 x Long reach Ethernet port (RJ45)
    • Long reach Ethernet port extends the 10 & 100Mbps traffic for the distance up to
    • 500m on 2 Wire and 8 Wire modes respectively
    • Works on 2/4/8 wires modes
    • Transparent to VLAN aware & unaware user traffics
    • LED indications for Power, Link & Activity
    • DIP switches for Master/slave selection, data-rate (10/100Mbps) & wire-pair (2/4/8) selection
    • AC & DC Ordering options