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Managed Media converters

  • Description

    Standalone Dual Triple Speed Gigabit Media converter with AC/DC power supply.

  • Features
    • Dual channel triple-speed, stand-alone media converter with Store and forward architecture
    • Complies to IEEE standards
    • Support for Dual channel Copper with 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)
    • Supports Dual channel fiber 1000B-X (SC connector) with MMF/SMF & SF optics
    • Supports Fiber Redundancy.
    • Support 10K Jumbo Frame @1000BaseT.
    • Supports Copper/Fiber Link Fault Propagation.
    • Supports Copper/Fiber Link Fault Propagation Indication ( in dual channel media converter mode)
    • Supports Copper/Fiber Far End Fault Indication.
    • Dual Media Converter or Redundancy Mode Indication
    • Support for Fiber in 1000Base-FX Full Duplex
    • Transparent Pass through Tagged and untagged data traffic.
    • AC/DC power supply