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  • Description

    IRIS-DC-01 Dispersion Compensator has the capability of slope compensation which can supply the broad-band dispersion slope compensation for SMF-28 fiber (G.652) in whole C-band to optimize the system residual dispersion. With the mature and reliable optical fiber processing, the performance of optical transmission system can be sharply improved.

    The dispersion range of 1550nm wavelength can achieve -10 ~ -2100ps/nm. Special requirements in central wavelength and dispersion can be provided. Using these dispersion compensation modules, the transmission distances in fiber can be increased significantly without regenerating the signals. In a DWDM network, significant costs can be saved by eliminating regeneration points.

  • Features
    • G.652 optical fiber C-band 100% Slope compensation (Standard)
    • Low insertion loss
    • Low Polarization mode dispersion
    • DWDM system broad-band dispersion compensation
    • Performance compatible with Telcordia GR-2854-CORE
    • Various Mechanical Structure, connectors are provided
    • Recommend operation with mid-stage optical amplifier to get excellent character