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  • Description

    MRO TEK’s MULTI SERVICE ACCESS bridge the gap between copper and fiber nfrastructures. These robust and feature rich products are designed to be used in low to mid-density applications where a limited number of Ethernet to fiber converters need to be quickly mplemented. MROTEK has an extensive range of Media Converters to meet every fiber conversion need.

  • Features
    • Managed Multi-service access concentrator with verities of uplink and user interfaces
    • 1 x uplink, 11 x I/O slots with 2 x Power supply modules
    • Supports STM-1 & E1 Uplink Interfaces
    • Supports High Speed Interfaces: E1, V.35 & Fast Ethernet
    • Supports Low Speed Interfaces: Asynchronous & Synchronous RS-232/V.24
    • Supports Voice Interfaces: FXS, FXO, E&M
    • Supports high gain E1 modules to support E1 signal monitoring application
    • 256Mbps Cross Connect Backplane capacity
    • Add Drop MUX (ADM) or Terminal MUX (TM) Modes of Operation
    • Flexible Network Topologies: Point to Point, Chain, Star, Ring & Mesh
    • Conforms to relevant Bellcore, ITU & IEEE standards
    • Hot Swappable I/O Modules
    • Redundancy support for Power Supply, STM-1 & Management modules
    • In-band & Out of Band Management with CLI, TELNET, SNMP & LITEVIEW NMS
    • Redundant AC/DC Power supply option