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Ethernet Powered Switches

  • Description

    Compact SNMP Managed Switch comprising of 8 Ports 10/100BASE-T Fast Ethernet and one WAN Long Reach (500 metres) Ethernet port.

  • Features
    • Centrally powered Managed 8 port L2 switch with one long reach PoE uplink port
    • 8 x Fast Ethernet port and 1 x Long Reach PoE port
    • The maximum distance between GREEN BOX-CO & MEYER is up to 500 meters on CAT5/5E infrastructure
    • 4K VLAN and 8K MAC address support
    • Per port Ingress & Egress rate-limiting
    • Broadcast, Multicast & DLF suppression support
    • IGMP V3 Snooping support, IGMP Proxy & MVR support
    • STP, RSTP, MSTP and IEEE 802.3ah OAM support
    • RMON & QoS support
    • MAC security with 24 static MAC entries per port
    • Single port loopback detection and LLDP support
    • Maximum distance up to 500Kms on CAT-5/5E single mode - single & dual fibers
    • Management through Console, Telnet, SNMP support & LITEVIEW NMS
    • Powered by GREEN BOX-CO via long reach PoE port