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Managed 10G Switches

  • Description

    MOGRA family products are L3 Lite Gigabits intelligent switch designed for carrier and MAN networks. It supports comprehensive QoS, enhanced VLAN functions (VLAN VPN, Voice VLAN, QinQ, N:1 VLAN Translation etc), Ethernet Ring Protection Protocol (G.8032), classified bandwidth control, intelligent security control, OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance), manageability functions and Triple-Play services which fulfill the network requirements demanded by carrier network, MAN access. It offers green features like IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet), Fan-less design and Smart Fan feature, which can dramatically lower power consumption, achieve green energy and save the cost for the carrier and MAN users. Equipped with the full GE ports and 4 SFP / SFP+ uplink ports, the series integrates advanced management and security functions to provide performance and scalability

  • Features
    • Simple and Flexible Operation and Maintenance : Dying Gasp, Full Ethernet OAM technology (IEEE802.3ah/802.1ag), VCT, DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring), ERSPAN (Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer) technology and other features achieve rapid detection of the network failures; reduce operation and maintenance difficulty.
    • Enhanced Security Provides a variety of security mechanisms like SYN Flood, Land, ICMP Flood attack prevention and other DOS class technology, BPDU Guard and Root Guard, IEEE 802.1X port-based access control , Access Control Lists (ACLs), DHCP snooping and many more L2 security features such as ARP guard, Anti-ARP scanning to protect network security and reliability.
    • High Reliability Supports 4 (Gigabit or 10 Gigabit) uplink ports and G.8032 provides sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a carrier ring topology. Supports Multi-process MSTP and EMVTE technology (Enhanced Multi-VLAN subnet Traffic Engineering) which is a multi-link backup and load balancing solution based on multiple VLAN subnets.
    • High adaptability VLAN Features Supports 802.1Q and port based VLAN as well as MAC based VLAN, Voice VLAN and Protocol VLAN. Abundant QinQ technology, N:1 VLAN Translation feature
    • Abundant Multicast Features Supports MVR (Multicast VLAN Register), prevents multicast traffic from flooding via IGMP Snooping
    • POE+ Support Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology and provides remote power to wireless AP, IP phone and Network Camera. Supports both 802.3af and 802.3at devices and can support 24 / 48 ports PoE at the same time, with max power of each port upto 15.4W or 30W
    • VSF (Virtual Switch Framework) Virtual Switch Framework could virtualize multiple switches into one logical device, achieves the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. Also provides simplified management work for network administrator and more reliability.
    • Green Energy : Complies IEEE 802.3az (Energy-Efficient Ethernet) standard, dramatically lower power consumption with Innovative port-LED Shut-off function, Fanless Design and Smart fan strategies