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  • Description

    Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway that delivers Gigabit Ethernet services over SDH transportation network. It acts as a bridge in a SDH environment, enabling service providers to achieve seamless interconnection between customers, maintaining same service level attributes.

  • Features
    • Inverse Multiplexing Gateway delivering GbE services over Optical Network
    • Supports HDLC over E1 encapsulation for services from single E1 to n*E1
    • Aggregates 63 E1’s & interoperable with PINE-1/4/8
    • Combo GbE ports (Copper/Fiber) & 2*STM-1 interfaces (1+1 protection)
    • QoS & Rate Limiting: Ingress & Egress (N*64K)
    • Port Status indication & statistics collection
    • Compliant with relevant ITU Optical Network standards & IEEE GbE standards
    • Inband & Out of Band management with SNMP, TELNET, CLI, LITEVIEW NMS