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Ethernet Over PDH & SDH

  • Description

    The device is an EoPDH aggregator that can aggregate Ethernet services from remote gateways and can also be deployed point-to-point providing upto 32Mbps bandwidth for key customer. It can also work like an EoPDH remote gateway against bigger-capacity EoPDH aggregation gateway.

  • Features
    • Ethernet service over 16E1’s for Point to Multi-Point & Point to Point applications
    • 16 x E1 interfaces, 4 x Fast Ethernet and 1 x Gigabit combo interface
    • Aggregates Ethernet traffic from multiple PINE-1, PINE-4 & PINE-8 CPE units
    • PDH GFP encapsulation support
    • E1 Loopback and in-build BERT test support
    • 4K VLAN and 8K MAC address table
    • E1 Loopback detection support
    • Storm control and rate limit support
    • VLAN unaware/aware & double tagging (Q-in-Q) modes of operation
    • In-band & Out of Band management with SNMP, TELNET, CLI & LITEVIEW NMS
    • Redundant AC & DC power supply ordering option