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Standalone Modems & Converters`

  • Description

    Modem Router with G.SHDSL uplinks. Device works as the demarcation point between carriers and customers and saves the cost of SME customers from buying additional small routers for their security and routing requirements.

  • Features
    • G.SHDSL.bis Router for extending high speed Ethernet services over 2/4/6/8 wire copper infrastructure
    • 1 x SHDSL.bis interface and 4 x Fast Ethernet ports
    • Flexibility to configure the same device in Bridge or Router mode
    • Annex-AF & TCPAM 128 mode encoding for 30Mbps over 4 wire & 60Mbps over 8 wire
    • EFM Bonding & VLAN, Q in Q, Qos, Traffic Prioritization & Link Aggregation
    • Firewall, DMZ, NAT/PAT & IPSec VPN’s support
    • Fully compatible with WAVES-12 Multiservice Access Rack
    • Management Options: Console CLI, Web-Browser, In-band Management
    • EOC for configuring/managing the remote unit
    • Wide Range AC/DC Power supply