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Bengaluru, September 30, 2017 01:58 IST

MRO-TEK, Everest to jointly help telcos take control of networks

MRO-TEK Realty, a local telecommunications and network product company, has joined with Everest, a local software firm that builds network management solutions and competes with IBM and HP, in offering to manage the information technology networks of telecom firms globally.

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New Delhi, Sep 30 2017. 01 03 AM IST

MRO-TEK to expand business, strengthen focus on 5G wireless technologies

MRO-TEK Realty Ltd, a telecommunications and network product company is set to strengthen focus on optical and 5G wireless technologies and diversify operations in four new verticals - electronic manufacturing services, electronic product refurbishing, homeland security, and projects and solutions, a company executive told Mint.

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Bengaluru Sep 04, 2017

MRO-TEK Appoints Wistron Corp's Sudipto Gupta As CEO

MRO-TEK announced the appointment of the former Country Director of Wistron Corp’s Indian operations, Sudipto Gupta as Chief Executive Officer, who will take charge tomorrow.

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