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  • Description

    WITE LITE-2W is a G.SHDSL modem, which employs SHDSL TC-PAM technology to extend transmission range, thus enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs. The modem supports V.35, G.703 E1 User interfaces.

  • Features
    • SHDSL modems, full duplex operation over 2W copper infrastructure
    • 1 x 2 Wire SHDSL interface and 1 x DTE interface (V.35, E1)
    • SHDSL modems operates at multiple data rates from 64-2048 Kbps
    • Extensive diagnostics with Local Analog, Remote Digital loopbacks
    • Supports Fault Pass Through function
    • DTE & SHDSL interface monitoring through Managed Central Chassis (Multiwaves-16 & WAVES-12)
    • WITELITE E1 modems with front panel dipswitches for loopback tests
    • Optional V.35 Loopback configurator for loopback tests
    • Wide Range AC/DC Power Supply
    • TEC Certified